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Exceptional lot grading by certified professionals. Our skilled and experienced team will create a perfectly graded yard for you.

LandscapingEdmonton are Edmonton’s landscaping experts. We will engineer an impeccable drainage pattern for your lot. Call us today.


Here at LandscapingEdmonton, we protect homes and the environment by shaping the earth.

We use our expertise to keep water away from building foundations, to minimize contamination of water entering the sewer system, and to provide controlled drainage into roads and the storm sewer.

We handle all the details for lot grading so that you don’t have to. Our team obtains the development permits and pays the fees for both the rough grade and final grade inspections. We take on the details of grade tolerances, drainage swales, property line grading, right-of-ways, window wells, and restrictive covenants. Our crew will get rough grade approvals and final grade certificates.

In short, we make lot grading easy for both home builders and homeowners.


We are an award-winning landscaping company with more than 30 years of experience in the field.

We understand the science of water and the engineering of drainage. We know the rules and regulations required by City of Edmonton’s Drainage Bylaw 18093. We have worked with the city Lot Grading Inspectors and Alberta Land Surveyors for many years, so we know what it takes to get a lot grading certificate and subsequent approval from the city.

Further, we know how to determine if it is necessary to search for outstanding lot grading approvals and how to submit the search of records or FOIP request to obtain needed information.

In the rare instances when deficiencies are found after our initial grading, we will correct them regardless of the type or extent of the problem. Whether we need to simply add topsoil to a low area, or we have to remove the sod and do soil reduction of a high point, our team will not cease work until the problem is fixed.

Our efforts will prevent flooding on your property that might be caused by surface runoff, melted snow, or heavy rains.

We can work on new construction, but are equally adept at re-grading problem houses or even doing infill housing development. Grading issues that develop over many years are our specialty – saving homeowners from basement flooding or improper foundation settling.

Call us and eliminate your flood risk.


Rough Lot Grading

When we undertake rough lot grading, we are laying the foundation for a beautiful yard with no surface runoff problems. Our end result is always to shape the land in such a way that water will move away from buildings and toward public lands such as streets or a storm drain.

We carefully evaluate the topography of your site and compare it with the lot grading plan. Taking into account roof drains, swale details, and easements, we change your site to meet the plan. This means we develop a positive and consistent slope away from any buildings and ensure property line drainage swales are well maintained.

We also leave the rough grade lower than the final grade so that we can add 7 to 20 cm of topsoil. This topsoil will be spread smoothly and be compacted enough to be ready for mulch or sod.

In other words, you will be ready for final lot grading.

Final Lot Grading

Our grading team sets the stage for successful final grade certification.

We raise all areas to their final grade levels before placing sod or any decorative items like mulch or rock. If the inspection is done prior to laying sod, we will have the soil rolled, raked, and ready for those finishing services.

We create positive grades away from foundations, steps, and decks. We ensure that swales are unobstructed. If a patio or walkway is planned, we slope away from the installed base.

If you live on a lake or in the River Valley, we will work with you on the restrictions that may be imposed by an easement, right-of-way, or restrictive covenant. We will ensure features like gardens, retaining walls, paths, fire pits, buildings, bridges, ponds, and decks are placed at the proper elevations and locations to get final grading approval.

In short, we make the lot 100% certifiable, so that finishing work can be done.

Finishing Services

Once your lot is finished with its final grading, we can help create your dream landscape.

LandscapingEdmonton is a full-service landscaping company which means we are able to provide sod and ground cover for your newly graded lot.

And, of course, since no one wants a bare yard, we can make it beautiful using trees, shrubs, and flowers. Whether you are looking for a focal piece in the middle of the yard or to create greenery edging along a path or driveway, our brilliant designers will make magic happen.

With our talented team, what was ordinary will become extraordinary.


Our design guarantee is as simple as ABC. We do not stop designing until you are happy.

We will keep coming up with plans and ideas until you find the one that is right for you. We will not move toward the construction phase without your 100% agreement that the plan is ready to go.

We are completely comfortable with this guarantee because we have hundreds of satisfied clients. So we know that we can intrigue and beguile you with our design work.

No matter what style your tastes run toward, we can accommodate and design toward that end. We also factor in the property’s unique characteristics so that the final product is perfect for your lot.

We won’t build until you are content with the design. And we won’t give up creating until you are happy.

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