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Edmonton’s best in landscaping design. Creating dreamscapes in your yard, we mesh natural beauty with daily functionality to bring artistry to your outdoor space. Let LandscapingEdmonton design a gorgeous landscape for you.

With creativity and integrity, we are making Edmonton blossom with natural charm.


We design and create alluring outdoor worlds to share with your family and friends.

At LandscapingEdmonton, we believe that your home does not end at the doorway. We want your indoor and outdoor spaces to flow seamlessly – creating harmonious form and function throughout your entire property.

Our talented and innovative designers use the most captivating parts of nature to bring your project to life. Greenery and flowers, stone and brick, trees and rock, fire and water – this is the palette with which our artists paint.

Collaborate and conspire with us to make your dream a reality. We compose stunning designs to be brought into existence in your very own yard.


The award-winning design team at LandscapingEdmonton has more than 30 years of experience in creating landscapes that astound, amaze, and astonish.

With 5 star reviews from our clients and positive press in the media, we will turn your yard into a natural wonder.

What sets us apart? What makes us different? That list is long, but it all starts with how much we listen. When we sit down with you for your initial consultation, we want to hear all about your vision. What do you want from your landscape? How do you plan to use your yard? What are your goals?

As we get to know you and get to know your objectives, we can start working with you to achieve your desired end-state.

You may have a distinct idea in mind, or you may have only the vaguest notion of what you are looking for. Either way is fine. Our designers will bring you suggestions, recommendations, choices, and options that address your priorities.

Your feedback will drive the process toward the ultimate plan. You will have every opportunity to communicate your needs, wants, and desires to the team, leading to a plan that fills you with delight.

Call us and see the difference made by a design team that cares to listen to you.



Your initial consultation will help us learn about you and discover the big picture of what you want to do with your land. We will have you bring pictures and a video of your home and yard so that we understand the current state. We will have you review material and plant palettes so that we really get a feel for who you are.

We will brainstorm ideas and put them into our 3D modeling software. On your next visit, we will show you these designs – in a way that makes you feel like you are literally walking through your finished project.

You will provide us feedback on what you like and what you want to skip, and then we will finalize the model for your approval. Once you love it, we will render it into blueprints so our landscaping team can turn the images of the computer program into real-life beauty.

Add to this our penchant for using ecosystem-sustaining plantings, you will end up with a design that looks spectacular and ideal for the environment.


You will find a bewildering array of customization options at the
LandscapingEdmonton design studio: Greenery – flowering plants, trees, shrubs, gardens, seasonal plantings…

Water features – ponds, streams, waterfalls, pools, spas…

Fires – fire pits, fireplaces…

Hardscape – paths, sitting walls, patios, walkways, retaining walls…

Living spaces – outdoor kitchens, decks, pergolas, gazebos, garages, porches…

Lighting – in-ground, recessed, in trees, in water features, holiday…

Pots, planters…

The choices are limited only by your imagination. So let us see what you can dream up!


Once your design meets your every expectation, our crews are ready to get to work. Whether you are having our bricklayers build your outdoor fireplace or our arborists planting your new shade trees, the LandscapingEdmonton team will rapidly and professionally address your project.

With an eye for quality and fine workmanship, our craftsmen know how to take the design specifications for your project and turn them into reality. They will amaze you with their talent and dedication to bringing out the best character of your home and yard.

Call us today and see.


Our design guarantee is as simple as ABC. We do not stop designing until you are happy.

We will keep coming up with plans and ideas until you find the one that is right for you. We will not move toward the construction phase without your 100% agreement that the plan is ready to go.

We are completely comfortable with this guarantee because we have hundreds of satisfied clients. So we know that we can intrigue and beguile you with our design work.

No matter what style your tastes run toward, we can accommodate and design toward that end. We also factor in the property’s unique characteristics so that the final product is perfect for your lot.

We won’t build until you are content with the design. And we won’t give up creating until you are happy.

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