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Excavation done the right way! At LandscapingEdmonton, we have the talent, know-how, and training to tackle the toughest job. We are dependable professionals who bring our experience to bear on every project.

Our skill and integrity have made us Edmonton’s top commercial and residential excavation contractor for the last 30 years.


At LandscapingEdmonton, we solve problems. Big problems. Problems that require heavy machinery and a particular expertise.

Your problem may require excavation, demolition, or environmental cleanup. You may need to move materials, dispose of waste, or do drainage work. You may have a requirement for snow removal, septic work, or water/sewer repair. You may want to install or remove a driveway, pool, or pond.

We see the potential in a landscape that a homeowner may not; finding a way to make outside living as much a part of the home experience as indoor living.

It doesn’t matter what excavation service you need, we can do it all. You can trust us to flawlessly execute your project, whether it is commercial or residential. Our insured and bonded service is available both for planned projects and for emergencies. We are always only a phone call away.


With more than three decades of experience in the use of heavy machinery for both commercial and residential projects, LandscapingEdmonton is Edmonton’s premier excavation contractor. No one has more dedication to the customer and the completion of the job.

We are justifiably proud of our many awards and our mentions in the press, but what we really take pride in is our extensive base of satisfied customers.

When you call us, you know you are getting a team that does the job right. Our work ethic, professionalism, and top-notch customer service result in job completion that is always on budget and ahead of schedule.

We are one of the most trusted and reliable excavation companies in the region. Homeowners and contractors alike call on us when they have a job to be done. We have the equipment and knowledge to take on industrial-sized projects or minor jobs in your backyard.

So contact us for a free consultation and get to know why we stand head and shoulders above the competition. Give us a call and let us get to work on your project today.



No homeowner wants to be stymied on a home project because they don’t have the tools. Yet, unless you want to do hours of backbreaking digging, sometimes an excavator is the only way to go. And 99.9% of homeowners do not own an excavator.

That is where LandscapingEdmonton comes in. We can move your earth and dig your trenches. We can remove your snow and clear your land. Our diggers and front loaders will make quick work of the most challenging tasks. And with the most capable crews in Edmonton, you know the job will be done right.

We routinely work on residential jobs such as septic repair, driveway clearing, water/sewer line work, and snow removal. Our experience allows us to finish rapidly so that you can move to the next phase of your project.

You may be surprised, but it often takes more skill to do residential work than it does to do a large industrial job. That is because the residential site is smaller than a commercial location, and is often hemmed in by fences, buildings, and landscaping.

Yet our talented excavation crews can navigate those tight locales, getting the task done while keeping your property safe. Experience and training make a difference, and no one has more than LandscapingEdmonton.


We are proud that we are the ‘go-to’ excavation company for many of the commercial contractors in Edmonton. This is because of the many services we offer.

We do land clearance and building demolition so that you can get started with new construction as quickly as possible. We can level ground for foundations or grade a lot to meet regulatory requirements. We can trench and lay down water/sewer lines for a new structure. Our breadth of experience is wide; we do everything from shaft digging to snow removal to environmental stabilization.

There is no one else around who can tackle more types of projects than we can. No matter how big or how difficult your job is, we have the horsepower to get it done.

Our crews have experience in doing the big jobs. They are efficient and skilled – meaning they will get the job done rapidly so that you can move on with your project.

Put us to the test – you will not be disappointed.


We stand behind what we do. No ifs, ands, or buts. If you hire us to perform excavation services on your site, we will not leave until you are completely satisfied with the results.

It’s that simple. If you aren’t happy, we stay until you are.

And because we are so good at this process, we have no qualms about offering a full 100% guarantee that your lot will receive final grading approval.

And, if for some unusual reason, you do not receive approval on the initial inspection, we will continue to work until you do get approval. We will do this at no extra charge and we will even pay the reinspection fee.

We are not finished until you are approved. End of story.

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