Edmonton Retaining Walls

30+ years of developing durable, flexible, and beautiful retaining walls in Edmonton. We bring exceptional visual interest to necessary structure and support.

LandscapingEdmonton melds solid engineering and elegant design to create the perfect retaining wall for your yard. Call us today and see for yourself.


Our retaining walls are functional artworks.

Although they may appear as focal points of your landscape, they also turn slopes into terraces, reduce soil erosion, and offer elevated seating areas.

Indeed, our retaining walls help create usable land where it previously did not exist. An unworkable incline can become a functional outdoor space.

They also slow the run-off of rainwater, making gardening simpler and reducing the flow of water from your yard to the street and then into the river.

We work in stone, timber, brick, concrete, and interlocking blocks – creating landscaping structures that will last a lifetime.

Our walls exude charm and character, turning impractical parts of your yard into intriguing and inviting locations.


Decades of experience, tons of five-star reviews, accolades in the press, industry awards – there are many reasons ours should be the first number you dial when you need a retaining wall.

LandscapingEdmonton has top designers and professional engineers ready to create your beautiful and practical structure.

If you looking to add a distinctive feature to your yard, a retaining wall is an excellent option. Our walls bring visual appeal and increase the value of the land. Further, they open up additional yard space that may be used as a play-space, a patio, a garden, or any other number of ways. Finally, either alone or with greenery, the wall is an optical magnet that draws the viewer’s eye.

However, a retaining wall must be capable of withstanding the forces arrayed against it. Our trained engineers will ensure that they construct your wall in such a way that gravity, soil compression, and water flow do not overwhelm the strength of the wall. We will build your wall to stand the test of time.

Whether you need to control erosion on your property or you are creating a space for your family’s use, a retaining wall may be the perfect solution for your problem. Our team is ready to help create this lovely, yet practical, hardscape for your home.



You will have the opportunity to work with our design team during the planning phase of your wall. These talented professionals have extensive experience in creating retaining walls.

More importantly, this is a multi-disciplinary team made up of landscape architects, arborists, and engineers. This means you end up with retaining wall solutions that are not just beautiful – but they actually work. When we draw up your final plans, you will have the assurance that the lovely wall will stand up to the elements and to the tons of pressure from the soil.

Having a team like this on your side makes all the difference in the world. And only LandscapingEdmonton brings it to you.


We structurally engineer every wall we build to last. But we also design them to meet your aesthetic desires.

The choice of material somewhat depends on the size, style, and water exposure of the wall. But most often, the choice is based on your personal preference.

We can work in wood or concrete. Brick or stone. Block or gabion. You just need to let us know what appeals to your sensibilities.

And then we will make it happen.


When it is finally time to build your wall, our construction team will take over. Our decades of experience mean that your wall will be built properly and built to last.

We start with a solid foundation because your wall is only as strong as the support underneath it. The team will dig a trench and fill it with gravel in order to prevent shifting of the wall as it settles into place. If needed, we will pour a concrete footing below the frost line in order to avoid movement as the moisture in the soil freezes and thaws. If the engineering demands it, we can add a cantilevered design, steel reinforcement, gravity wall, or tie-backs.

As the builders set the first row of your wall, they will ensure that the crushed rock below is completely level. This is a critical step that ensures every layer of your wall will be even and attractive.

Our team knows all the tricks of the trade to make your retaining wall perfect. We stack the blocks at a slight reverse slope so that the wall pushes back into the soil. This prevents soil pressure from creating bulges in the wall as it ages.

We allow for drainage since water is the mortal enemy of your retaining wall. The installation of a drain tile keeps wet soil from exerting too much pressure on the backside of the wall. We backfill the area behind the blocks with pea gravel, which allows water to flow easily from the base of the wall.

These may seem like small things, but the little things count when trying to build a wall to last a lifetime.


Our guarantee is simple – you will be thrilled with your retaining wall. You will love how it looks. You will be pleased with the quality and the workmanship.

You will be delighted. End of story.

If for any reason it does not delight you, contact us, and we will make it right.

Of course, some materials have manufacturer’s warranties in place that we must abide by, but we own our craftsmanship and stand by it. If anything is amiss, we will come to the site and fix it without charge.

We know you will be happy with your retaining wall because hundreds of clients before you have been delighted by theirs.

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